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Elmer Moyer Emergency Fund

What is the Moyer Emergency Fund and who was Elmer Moyer.

In 2010 a fire occurred at the Wallowa Valley Ranger Station in Enterprise, Oregon - with the result that many employees lost expensive personal items - boots, equipment, and other items. Almost immediately, Old Smokeys board member Mike Ash began to push for a way to help those employees financially to replace those lost items. Soon after, John Berry and John Marker drafted a proposal which was modeled after the National Smokejumpers Association emergency fund (called the Good Samaritan Fund). Old Smokeys Board of Directors adopted the idea in late 2010. Thus the Emergency Fund was born. 

Later, in 2012, it was named after Elmer Moyer, who was instrumental in establishing the Old Smokeys as a 501(c)(3) and in shaping the organization into what it is today - even changing the name from the "30 Year Club" to the "Pacific Northwest Forest Service Association".

We've seen that both current and retired Forest Service employees have encountered financial hardship because of a catastrophic event.  The Elmer Moyer Emergency Fund was created to help the Forest Service community during those times of financial hardship.  A catastrophic event or financial hardship could be a result of a serious illness or death, or catastrophic loss of property from fire, wind, flood, earthquake, etc., and where money is an immediate issue.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate requests for financial assistance:

1) A brief written statement from the individual, family, or sponsor of their financial hardship situation.

2) A personal reference, with contact information, that can confirm, in writing, the individual is in financial hardship.  This could be an Old Smokeys Area Representative, friend, co-worker, religious leader, etc.

Requests for financial assistance can be sent to the email account or brought forward by an Old Smokeys Area Representative.  All personal information will be strictly confidential.  

Thanks to those who have given so generously to the Moyer Fund.
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          Evans Canyon Fire
        Photo from IR Flight on September 3rd, 2020
        Lights in the top right are from Yakima
        Photo provided by Roland Emetaz

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